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Oct 03, 2005


Pogo Denizen

I guess the Pentagon's Director of OT&E didn't read "In the Company of Soldiers : A Chronicle of Combat," by Washington Post reporter Rick Atkinson.

It is an interesting chronicle of the ground war phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom (or whatever the spinmeisters called it). Atkinson was embedded with the 101st CG, David Petraeus. The 101st is supposed to be airmobile, relying on their helicopters for a good portion of their combat power. What Petraeus and his senior staff spent a lot of time worrying about was the brownout conditions created by their helicopters when they attempted to land in the desert (you would have thought that they would have learned about this problem in Desert Storm). Anyhow, if UH-60's and Ch-47's have this problem, what do you think is going to happen to an Osprey? Maybe the Pentagon figures we will be out of Iraq and never return to the Middle East by the time the OSprey is out in the field.

Gary P. Norton

Instead I'd say that asymetric warfare is here. RPG into that open bay. Wrong aircraft for the mission.

Someone Else

CAIR seems close to being a supporter of Islamic terrorists to me. Screw 'em.

If CAIR's agin it, I'm for it.

stephen russell

Nice ad, Good projection of power.
Id use these in the ad:

Fire from Above
Hell from Above
& or
Aid from Above.

Hovering Hell is here.
Hovering Torment for Insurgents
E Ring Qualified Here.


The ad offended CAIR. That's a good start. See PBS Watch

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