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Sep 15, 2005



i know that my problem with fema might not seem very big to others. but during huricane katrina the house that i had rented since 1991 lost some of its roof and the ceilings inside the house collapsed. living with me were my daughter, her boyfriend and my 3 grandchildren and we lost all of our personal property, except for the 3 changes of clothing we took with us when we evacuated. after the storm we applied to fema for a fema grant to help replace what we had lost. now i did everything that fema requested. i applied to the sba, they sent an inspector out in november 2005 and he saw the damage to the house. after the sba denied my request then fema sent an inspector out in may 2006 after my landlord had sold the house in january 2006 and the new owners had repaired all of the damage that had occurred. 10 days after fema came out we received a check for $8900.00. to replace our mpersonal property loss. if i failed to mention it the sbe inspector extimated our personal property loss to be $65,100.00 quite a difference from the fema inspector. i have appealed to fem twice but since you are appealin to fema and not an outside mediator you are screwed. my biggest question is how does fema figure out how much you will be paid.. as you see inspectors from 2 federal agencies and they are not even close in their estimates

Hey Nick did you see that the Washington Post reported that Brownie was at a salon getting an expensive haircut that day. I guess Tom Davis felt so bad for Brownie that he wanted him to look as good as possible.

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