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Sep 23, 2005


Leo Bosner

Hey! Just read the earlier comments during my lunch break. They are great...thanks! I'm not running for any political office...don't know who came up with that. Re baby-eating, I confess it is true, I do occasionally eat baby carrots and baby lima beans. I know it sounds cruel, but they taste so GOOD! Mmm!
Leo Bosner, 1/24/06

Union No!

Your Presidential candidate Leo is a Union rep. No wonder he's so willing to criticize the administration at a time that calls for the country to be unified. Oh he's some truth teller. He's just being partisan.

William Jennings Bryan was a Populist and many believe the "Cowardly Lion" in the "Wizard of Oz" represented him.

Whadya in High School? Lee Atwater was Karl Rove back when Rove was still kissing ass just for respect. (If you believe the rumor mill about Rove's sexual orientation you can insert homosexual reference here.) Lee's political tactics and instincts make Rove look like William Jennings Bryant. You do know who that is don't you? Check your text book circa Bush I. Unfortunately, cancer took Lee at a very young age.

Lee Atwater? Wow, that's Dennis Miller obscure...

You are trying to trivalize the debate with this baby thing. Who do you work for the ghost of Lee Atwater? Or are you a Cherkoff lap dog?

I once heard somewhere that Leo Bosner eats babies. If you're okay with that, fine, but I don't know if I want someone like that running my country...


Dude, where ya get that great mug shot. Is that Leo? That dude is real. Don't know if I'd vote for him for president, but I'd vote for him for something.

Jim McElvey

Cherri is a hack. He never should have been appointed to run DHS.

I read that. That guy has what this country needs more of now more than ever -- balls! Leo Bosner for President in 08.

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