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Sep 08, 2005



In response to Joe,

In many instances the government awards contracts for future undetermined goods or services (indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contracts) or has a list of approved contracts (the schedules) that it calls upon when needs arise. It is true that KBR was awarded its work based on a 2004 Navy contract, but it received a task order under the contract because of Hurricane Katrina (see http://www.dod.gov/contracts/2005/ct20050914.html) . Moreover, Allbaugh has placed his clients, including Halliurton/KBR, in a position to “win” new disaster relief/reconstruction contracts.

However, it is true that Allbaugh could help KBR/Halliburton win new contracts.

Joe Katzman

Gotta research these things a bit more. KBR's Katrina-related contracts aren't "wins" - they're part of a $500M global contract the company already won last year, and which has a set of criteria that only a few firms in the world can meet.

Defense Industry Daily did the research, and has the full story.


George W Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks


Don't forget that, as disclosed by Time and others, Brown lied on a resume. For example, Brown's sole disaster experience turns out not to have been as a manager of emergency service departments, but as a intern/administrative assistant (i.e. secretary).

Gerry Dunleavy

too bad the media isn;t looking at other agencys to see who doesn't have proper qualifications. i bet the whole gov't is like this.

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