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Aug 11, 2005



During the Duran Era, Commissioner Marin was instrumental in getting rid of Duran by critizing Durans effort for change. Marin went to the State Dept to inform them that Duran was firing all the experienced labor force. This is true. But if you look at today with Marin as Commissioner, the experienced labor force is leaving his administration. Most are seeking employement else where with other government agencies while others are selecting to retire once they are elegible.

Bottom line.
During the Duran Era, he fired most the experienced administrators.
During the current Marin Era, the experience is leaving his administrator.


I sure would like to hear from the "anonymous" folks including Carlos Duarte, the El Paso newspaper, etc. about the mess that the agency that they refer to was in before Duran was appointed. There was and is discrimination, favoritism, abuse, sexism, (including unwarranted terminations) by shameless "officials" in charge. How about that? - apparently no one is interested in doing an in-depth investigation about past and current unethical and abusive officials.

Carlos Duarte

Thank you for posting your article concerning the USIBWC, as well as writing your letter to Duran on his excessive secretive policies. Through your help, the media, Congressman Reyes' office, current and former employees as well as people not associated with the IBWC, we were able to accomplish what we thought was impossible. It is a great feeling to have Duran removed as Commissioner. I just hope his cronies follow him out the door.

Thank you

Men, women, Nick can we please get back to the issues. Somebody please post a comment on Tommy Hook or biohazards or something! Something other than our feelings.

Nick sounds like he is touchy. Insert insensitive joke here. Just because somebody made a suggestion that doesn't mean you need to go ape man as the previous guy said.

Nick is a man. It is not a crime! Somebody please post a picture of Charleton Heston in Planet of the Apes.


One of the people I've worked with in my web tools consultancy is the director of Spirit of America's Anonymous Blogging Campaign, http://anoniblog.blogharbor.com/

Nick at POGO

I "run" the POGO Blog and I am a male. But not all our posts are written by me or by other men. Beth, our communications director, contributes often and until she left, Nina, an intern, also wrote some posts. Our executive director, Danielle, weighs in often when we're editing our posts and has even written a few herself. But for the most part, yes, the POGO Blog is mostly the work of men in the office.

We can't quite help talking about jets and military equipment here, since those are some meat and potatoes issues for us here at POGO. In fact, our founder, Dina Rasor, a woman, originally named the organization the Project On Military Procurement in 1981. And I might add that jets and military equipment shouldn't just be seen as men's issues.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make this blog friendlier to females? I'm open to new ideas.

I am new to the POGO blog so I might have missed something, but it seems clear that your blogger is a guy. Look at the pictures and references to people. They are all men. White men too. Add to that your entries on jets and military equipment and you can see this blog is a man's land. Come on POGO, women care about government accountability too.


This is great. A use of secrecy that actually increases and brings about accountability. I have been paying attention to this guy ever since his appointment, and I just figured that he was invulnerable, since rarely do accusations and evidence of corruption and misdealing bring about change. This approach might work for other situations too.

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