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Aug 10, 2005


Mike Sparks

Did you know we could get MORE CARGO AIRLIFT to move the Army [www.geocities.com/cargo747airlift] if the USAF took the dozens of 747s that are sitting in the desert and modified them into KC-25 cargo/tankers.....

And oh by the way...THEY CAN CARRY FAR MORE FUEL AND GO LONGER DISTANCES than the pathetic 767 tanker only.

The web page listed above also has a report attached from Australian Aerospace expert Dr. Carlo Kopp that goes into great detail on why Cargo/Tanker 747s are far more capable than wimpy 767s.

Boeing is just trying to keep their production lines open at the expense of the taxpayers and what's BEST for America's military.

Mike Sparks
"Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century"

P.S. Boeing would STILL get billions of $ and keep people employed converting 747s into KC-25s IT JUST WOULDN'T BE THE WAY THEIR GREEDY CORPORATE SUPERVISORS WANT IT TO BE

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