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Aug 08, 2005


This Zach dude is right. Who are Eric and Scott and why should we care what they have to say?

Nick at POGO


Here's a relatively recent Druyun-Boeing tanker lease scandal blog entry.



Who are Eric, Scott and Druyun? Maybe I'm just a good ole boy from Georgia, but why does POGO think that these people will have even a little impact on a military industrial complex that prints money like it is the US treasury? Have you seen how Senator McCain has been treated recently by the establishment of the Republican party? They are so worried about him running for president in 2008 that they are going to stomp him.

Nick at POGO

Here's where we got the photo:

click here

Eric or Scott could probably better answer your question about the probability of better rules passing. All I have to say is anything's possible and if not now, in the wake of the Druyun scandal, then when?


Where did you get that old photo? Geez that's guy is so old I'm surprised the picture in color. But do you really think better defense procurement rules are going pass? I think you must be so old you're getting dementia.

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