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May 10, 2005


Stryker SPC

I served with the Alaska based 172d SBCT in Mosul, Rawah and Baghdad, Iraq in 2005-2006. As an infantryman, and a Stryker Net trained primary driver I think the vehicle is technically outstanding. I know it has saved many lives, including my own. Could it be improved? Absolutely, but every military vehicle, indeed every vehicle fits that classification. 99% of the things civilians label as deficient have nothing to do with the vehicle's performance. The only things this web site identifies as problems are non issues. Soldiers tie down sandbags not because the Stryker's armor is deficient, but because its just a smart thing to do, plus its a great firing platform. The plastic fuel containers attached to the back are not there due to the vehicle's weight, they are the vehicle's emergency reserve and are used for cross fueling and other tactical needs. It is a good thing that fuel is available, not an indication of any problem. I suspect POGO has a problem with the Army in general and has chosen the Stryker out of convenience since it is by nature a controversial vehicle (except to those that actually use it). I agree with MSG Fiorentino, spend your million dollars in some manner that will give you a realistic appraisal of the Stryker's worth. Cherry picking your complaints/arguments based on second and third hand opinion seems a poor use of your funding.


Lets hear from some Abrams and Bradley crew if THEY would trade for Strykers.
Sure, it's an upgrade from HMMWVs and many other vehicles, but for what Strykers cost, tracked AFVs are an alternative.

MSG John A. Fiorentino

OK I will give my two cents worth on the Stryker. As a tanker I was in the 3rd SBCT when the MGS platoons were riding first Centauros then TOW Hummers, and finally Stryker ATGMs. We took the Brigade to Iraq and I can say everyone in my platoon as well as company were highly enthusiastic about the vehicle. My company spent half the year in the city of Tal' Afar and I can state with certainty that lives were saved due to the vehicle.Can the RWS use a stabilization system... yes, but you have to remember that as originally designed the vehicle was to drop its troops close to the objective then provide support by fire from a stationary position while they assaulted on foot. The fact that we ended up using the vehicle as an AFV instead of battle taxi ala M113 was not forseen and they are working to adjust the vehicles systems to support the new TTPs. As for the slat armor it was extremely effective. I know of several vehicles that were hit by multiple RPGs and suffered little or no damage. Two that I know of were mobility kills due to one being hit in the engine compartment by an RPG that came in over the slat armor. Another was disabled by an RPG that skipped under the vehicle and bounced up into the transmission. In both cases the vehicles were recovered and repaired with either no or superficial injuries. In regards to rollovers the center of gravity is better then it looks. I've had my Stryker canted at extreme angles without a rollover. Like any other vehicle the driver has to learn its limitations and that comes with experience. Our first Brigade rollover was due to the Stryker being taken on a pady dike where it had no business being. The ground collapsed from under the vehicle and it rolled into the canal.Like any other combat system there is always room for improvement. If I have to go to war again I want to be on a Stryker and for people who served on them that is a very common opinion.

A OConnor

Dear POGO, If you were seeking to fully resolve your baseless attacks against the Stryker's value, you would use your meager $1000000 budget to put your butt in a Stryker in Iraq. Then go on a mission in an M2 and a M998 or M1114. You claim that the video by members of 1/25 SBCT is propaganda but you do not seem willing to validate their claims by putting your butt where theirs are: in a Stryker in a combat zone.
Based on numerous candid conversations with Stryker Combat Vets, all agree that the vehicle is awesome and those that intend to stay in the Army for a while are scheming to stay in a Stryker unit.

Grant Henninger

I might not have a million dollar budget, but I have a fairly sweet hosting deal, so I'm mirroring the Stryker video to help POGO with the load. You can see it at http://grant.henninger.name/fourth/Stryker.mov and please, check out my blog at http://grant.henninger.name/fourth/.

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