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May 13, 2005



The Pentagon is wasting billions of dollars in taxes?

This is an example of the disasters for the nation's public purse when foreign policy gets muddled. Foreign policy should lead economic and defence policies; in fact, on the international scene, NATO is now looking for political coherence to support its military adventures.

Anyway, at present, key US policies are said to be in separate lanes. It is recommended that the Pentagon draws up a new map.

"Separate lanes are something the China hawks in the Pentagon love because it allows them to cast China solely as "near peer" and ignore the growing interdependency of our two economies. Yes, to be a "realist" today is to argue for both war and a lowering of global economic growth, because if we all get rich we'll have to fight over that ever increasing pie, right?. . . America may need China economically, but the Big War crowd in the Pentagon need it desperately more for their planning "requirements". http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com/weblog/

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