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Mar 09, 2005


Susan Hughes

Senator McCain is absolutely correct in his assessment of what is occurring in the name of commercial-item purchasing. Specifically, huge programs that do not qualify as commercial items, i. e. do not qualify as ready-made items that are of a type sold to the general public, are being acquired using the provisions of FAR 12. Senator McCain is also absolutely correct in asserting that the pricing of these programs is then not subject to audit or to the cost accounting standards.

I believe that the abuse of commercial-item purchasing is a huge fraud perpetrated on the American taxpayer and one that continues unabated and unpunished. In this regard, please see my article entitled "A Victim's Guide to Abuse in the Federal Purchase Program" by going to www.weholdthesetruths.org. Once you access the site, use the search key to search for "A Victim's Guide."


Susan Hughes
Individual Development Associates, Inc.

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