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Jan 11, 2005



According to their web site and the propeganda they send out, the primary mission of the Office of Special Counsel is to investigate and prosecute violations of 5 CFR 2302.
Most federal employees know however, that the primary mission of the OSC and the MSPB is to protect the various agencies from their employees who see these violations of Federal Law every day.

Recently, the OSC investigated a violation of 5 CFR 2302 at a Justice Department site. This case has been on-going for the past two years. The investigation showed the complaint to be non-frivelous. Several employees provided depositions and informed the investigator of the unlawful activities they had personally observed. A case number was assigned. During the investigation it was discovered that other Federal laws were violated as well in this particular case but, in December 2004, the OSC lawyer assigned stated that he now wants to bury the case. Was he ordered to do that?

CFR 5.2302 when properly applied, helps to guarantee that every professionally qualified person has an "equal opportunity" to apply for a position within the government. Some people unfortunately, believe that their rights are more "equal" than others - whether they meet the advertized professional qualifications or not.

We need to fire the bum in charge of the OSC. Instead of protecting the "Merit" system, he is allowing it to become infected. Instead of our tax payers getting the "best" people for a job, this idiot is allowing agencies managers to place their unqualified "friends" into positions that they simply can not perform at. Those of us who are qualified, are forced to make this person look good. If we complain,
we become victims of retrebution.

Congressional representatives have been contacted. The obligitory letters were sent back and forth. As usual, nothing was accomplished. Congressional representatives were notified a second time. No response. This particular congressional member is on the Government reform committee.
How do you see the system now?

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