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Jan 19, 2005


Alvidrez's Doppelganger

I don't think we should let Alvidrez off so easily. When the OT&E says there are "reports of [C-130J] propellers breaking down and cracking in bad weather," that should be taken seriously.

Frank Alvidrez says, "Ask the guys that fly the airplane." But I wonder who's making "reports of [C-130J] propellers breaking down and cracking in bad weather"? Me thinks it might be the folks who fly the plane. Whaddya think Frankie?

POGO Blogger Fan

I appreciate Frank C. Alvidrez's comments and candor. The dude puts his name down. But what is he talking about? What does the C-130 have to do with FBI computers? Is Mr. "stupid people" not intelligent enough to post his comments in the right place? Lack of attention to details doesn't appear to be a problem at OT&E.

Frank C. Alvidrez

Much hand wringing by stupid people.

Ask the guys that fly the airplane.

In comparision to what. The hit on the defense system is that the OT&E people don't like the defensive system. OK the alternative is the older C-130 without one. Which would you rather have your son or daughter drive. Pleeeze. Go find some other thing to whine about.

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