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Jan 21, 2005


Al Farr

U.S.A. vs. Stella M. Nickell is a pro bono matter I've been working on for over five years. Several instances of prosecutorial misconduct in the form of Brady violations popped up after I received over 1,000 pages of hard copy as a result of an FOIA request. The original request was submitted by Frederick Whitehurst, Phd/JD; well known for his exposing the phony "scientists" permeating the famous FBI lab. The result exposed the involved FBI agents and the prosecution as being solely responsible for exculpatory data being hidden from the defense team, and of course were not the subject of examination or cross in trial.

If this restriction were in force at the time this request were made we would probably never be able to identify the items that were wrongfully withheld from the record in the Nickell case. This restriction will generate a tragic void in the flow of information needed to protect the justice system. Incredibly sad event for fact finders everywhere.

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