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Dec 14, 2004


Concerned Citizen

"The former Iraqi government had a long history as a state sponsor of terrorism."
I hear this bandied about constantly by Bush supporters, but not one of them ever mentions that The US has a long history as a state sponsor of terrorism in South and Central America.



Any more comments from anyone after reading this?


I think this is the link Jeff wanted to share:

Jeff Ludwig

Here is that link.

Jeff Ludwig

an interesting story in the local paper...

Jeff Ludwig

To all of the POGO people reading this, I wanted to add one thing. For some inexplicable reason, the Post edited out the fact that I was an Army infantryman for eight years. That has certainly influenced my point of view.

Roy Hobbs

Like most Rumsfeld apologists, Craig likes to compare the so-called war on terror (and its questionable Iraqi component) to WWII (certainly, though, the Afghanistan aspect resembles WW II). First off, FDR didn't have to choose between Japan and Germany - Hitler declared war on us after Pearl Harbor. And Japan and Germany (and Italy) had the kind of relationship al Qaeda and Iraq did not: clear joint-objectives, and an actual alliance, not the vague lines the Bush administration has used to claim Saddam and Osama were cohorts against us.
As to Craig's point about the Global War on Terror, why not, then, hit Syria, Iran, Sudan?
And as for the mismanagement question, again Craig wrongly compares past presidents and wars to this one - Lincoln in the Civil War, and FDR and Truman in WW II had clear objectives from day one - defeat the enemy and win, or else America might crumble. And their reasons for war were clear from day one - preserving the Union and defending America and its allies from the Japanese and German war machines. But the Iraq war's mission has changed several times: first to take out Saddam and his WMD capabilities; then it was to liberate Iraq; and now it is to defeat the insurgency. Maybe Kennedy is the only proper comparison Criag makes. After all, he gave us Vietnam.

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