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Oct 13, 2004


Max Lee

Wow Concerned Citizen... now here is someone who is mad at the world and living as a victim. I have personally known Mr. Zvenia for nearly 10 years and everything he says he will do, he does. Mr. Zvenia represented 2 members within my family in a very hard fought case that resulted in a major win. What Mr. Zvenia did is now considered a major factor in
Federal Case Law. So Mr. Concerned Citizen, why don't you take your actions and statements under consideration? Oh, I'm sorry dirty cops are allowed to say and do whatever they want because who is going to investigate you... others like you? And we wonder why the system is in such bad shape... look at the man in the mirror Mr. Concerned Citizen.


Truly amazing! A negative posting by a lone disgruntled federal employee against a OWCP Lawyer that time and time again has done right by me and a long list of other clients needs to be addressed. For the record I'm Shea and posted originally back on 09/09/08 with this post ---

I have just found this website and am happy there is a place that we can come together. I have been injured and on OWCP Work Comp. since 4/2003. It has been constant BS, pain & suffering. It took me 5 years to find an attorney that would and has fought for the claimant!!! I hope this info helps A LOT of people but if just one then thats AWESOME!!! The Attorney is Benjamin Zvenia and he is also a Doctor ... Take a look at his website www.myfedlawyer.com or give him a call ... Please let him know that I referred you and I good luck to us all!!!!

The feeling is still the same and if this individual feels as they do, its quite probable that they did not have the case they thought or, that they did not give this good lawyer the latitude to resolve their issues. I do not know ths specifics of this case and do not want to. I will however state that my research shows that Dr. Zvenia was a member of the American Bar Association and during his membership with this voluntary bar association, he was Vice Chair for two sections of TTIPS (Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section). This info is found on other ABA member websites. He has not been an active member of the ABA since 2008 and all info on the firm's website is true and correct. Also, his bar standings can be found if one takes the time to do proper research.

In closing he has help me and many others that I personally know with their OWCP, EEO and MSPB issues. With my matter and those of my friends I learned that not all cases are winnable. However, my lawyer has done the best for me and my family and that is all I can ask.

Again, take a look at his website www.myfedlawyer.com or give him a call @ 702-384-0991 and please let him know that I referred you and good luck to us all!!!! Mahalo!!! Shea

concerned citizen

Regarding OWCP and federal attorneys... beware of Mr. Zvenia! He represented himself to me as an attorney, however he has never passed a bar exam and his credentials could not be verified. He also has a potential criminal history. His "previous" website listed him as a member of the ABA (American Bar Association), yet they deny any involvement with him and thanked me for bringing him to their attention.

I paid a hefty retainer, and received lots of empty promises at first, now he no longer returns my emails or phone calls and I have nothing to show for it. Caveat emptor for sure!

eva ogee

I was injured while working for tsa in las vegas ,nv mcarren airport,as a tsa screener,i lost everything because the workers comp dr. lied and said nothing was wrong,but I have 4 hernated disks in my neck and 1 inmy l-5 s-1 area ,my lower back,and was forced to get on social security which pays hardly nothing,im 40 now was inured at 34 years old,I lost everything ,my kids ,my home ,my car,my lively hood,its not right what these people have done to me.please help!!!! if anyone can give me some info to help fight my case please call me at 702-823-8700,thank you ,godbless.


We will all have to write the White House and or call. The other altenative would be to file a class action suit nation wide. It seems we all have had it stuck to us. Injured 2002, still on owcp but will have to switch to OPM due to the imaginary jobs.

S. Thrillville

When I provided Senator Arlen Specter with documents regarding fraud by OWCP personnel, Claims Examiner Vernicia Waters and Senior Claims Examiner James Andrews terminated medical treatment that I have been receiving since 1992. This was done as retaliation for reporting over $150,000.00 in fraud by OWCP personnel District Director William Starrman, Bureau of Hearing & Review Chief Robert Barnes and Senior Claims Examiner Jeanette Hill.

When the procurement fraud was reported to the DOL-OIG they refused to investigate. Instead, I was subjected to a 5 month criminal investigation by DOL-OIG ordered by Regional Director Dave Lutz. Nancy Ligon from the Washington DC OWCP reported I made "terrorist threats" to a contract psychiatrist. He was paid $3250.00 for a psychiatric report using false information provided by Nancy Ligon. He then wrote and said the report shoild not be used because Nancy Ligon did not provide all information required. Judge ignored letter and OWCP used evidence obtained through fraud.

The order to procure the fraudulent report came from the US Attorney Patrick Meehan in Philadelphia. Judge Paul S. Diamond then allowed the evidence obtained by fraud to base his court order issued. He allowed a forged CA-16 to be used to deny the "initial choice of physician" as stated in the FECA.

Prior to his appointment, Judge Diamond was found guilty of collecting illegal campaign contributions while he was Treasurer of local PA Republican aparatchiks. He was also associated with former US Attorney Meehan. Mr. Meehan's resignation came about when a Motion To Disqualify his office was submitted to the court. Judge Diamond let him resign rather than have him answer the procurement fraud allegations.

The degree of corruption in the OWCP and refusal of the Dept of Justice to prosecute OWCP personnel that defraud veterans and other claimants is like that of some third world country. Only with US taxpayers footing the corruption.

jesse slade

We are trying to organize to get attention regarding the abuse toward claimants of the Department of Labor/Office of Workers' Compensation Programs. We invite all federal workers to join us at www.federalsoup.com so that we might begin a grassroots effort to bring attention to the disturbing practices of the OWCP.


I have been injured loading baggage for TSA and the whole thing has turned into a night mare. OWCP will not pay for the surgery I had or the surgery I need.My treating Doctors are world renown yet OWCP treats their diagnoses as if it was that of a 3rd grader.I have MRI's cat scans Xrays and Doctors reports relating my injuries directly to my On job injuries but I have had staff at OCWP tell me things like Its only torn partially and not completely so I do not need the surgery my Doctor is asking for LOL.I have been told so many ridiculous things and out right lies its got to the point some staff just laugh along when they give me their latest view. I am also being pasted off to FERS as to be out of TSA and OWCP hair.The stress and financial hardship is unbearable . I hope Someday I will be able to get all the surgery I need ,While reading about my injuries I discovered that they will get worse as time passes without the required surgery but no one will help. I think describing OWCP and their workers could best be described in Words used by the Waterboys mother.OWCP is the Devil LOL Good lucky everyone my advice to all is : if your hand, foot, leg ,or arm hurts cut it off and get your slacker behind back on the job you lazy good for nothing no good Waste of life. Id your back hurt get another one and get your lazy slacker behind back on the job.


I have just found this website and am happy there is a place that we can come together. I have been injured and on OWCP Work Comp. since 4/2003. It has been constant BS, pain & suffering. It took me 5 years to find an attorney that would and has fought for the claimant!!! I hope this info helps A LOT of people but if just one then thats AWESOME!!! The Attorney is Benjamin Zvenia and he is also a Doctor & Judge!!! Take a look at his website www.myfedlawyer.com or give him a call @ 702-326-4384. Please let him know that I referred you and I good luck to us all!!!!

R Terry

I too am a claimaint who is trying to prepare for the worst. What is wrong with our system? Where do we get help? Is there anyone fighting for an injured employee? Where do I go. Please help!!

Theresa Crowe

I am an injured postal worker, suffering a massive rupture in 97, I had a failed surgery with right leg nerve damage, it was deemed chronic and I have had many reaccurnces over the last 11 years, 8 at work after doing heavy repetative lifting, they deem them new injuries instead of reaccurnces to make it look like I'm accident prone, I am a great worker and am told by all of my managers that it takes 2-3 people to do the amount of work I do, I believe in working hard for my paycheck, I'm considered to be hard working,honest,intelligent,and very giving, I do alot of charity work and try to live a caring attitude of others, I feel like I have been robbed of my financial status after my latest set back with my back after a fall at work that requires a fusion surgery, documented by 5 doctors, it has been a year and a half, of red tape and being treated less than human by by caseworker, who is the nastiest most hateful person I have had to encounter. The appelate judge sent the file back to her and told her it's not in line for him and that he agreed with my doctors, I wasn't paid for the 8 months that I was off work and had to beg my doctor to release me before I lost everything, They steal your health, finances and the mental stress is exhausting and they do it all without any qualms. I hope they never have an on the job injury and have to deal with their counterparts! My legs are permantly damaged along with my feet, they can never repay for this or the 1 1/2 years of my life I have lost. Now they are trying to fire me because she stated I hid my position at my Realestate office, not true I have complained of my lost income there also, that they don't reimburse and have emailed her and it's signed Theresa Crowe with my agent office name, I did go inactive while off because I couldn't work or drive, but because I had 2 referal checks come in on 2 homes referred to a builder who did their own paperwork no work by me other a referral and I was paid many months after the sale that I supposedly falsified, if she would have explained instead of chastising me for calling her and explaining that no work means you are not working nor being paid for work dones months previous when I asked her than this problem wouldn;t have happened but instead she had her usual cocky attitude of just wanting to berate me, my understanding was and is are you currently working outside of your vurrent federal job, the answer is still no, no I did not, I sent in the yearly income info, like instructed, They just want to get rid of people who are going to cost them medical fees that they never pay anyway, and make me look like the crook, my integrity stands, and that's a lot more than I can say for owcp!


I to have been injured working at TSA MSP, corruption at it's best. The people in charge have no intention of helping. Their desire is to do everything to make injured persons quit! and many have, with out any help at all. My injury dates back to 4 of 2005 I'm still waiting for help. They do everything to drag it on and on. Putting me into a voc rehab program only to pull me out after starting, trying to save tax dollars to make themselves look good at my expence.I have worked 35 years for this country! What a bunch of crooks in Washington! Try to get legal help, another joke, who has the $ to hire a lawyer. I say CLASS ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A lawyer in Denver Co has succeced in a suit against the postal service, 61 million dollas, awarded to 7500 employees. John Mosby #1-303-623-1355. Maybe if enough of us call we to could get help?


I'm intrested in a movenent to have the current laws changed. Does any one know of such a movenent?


To All the Good Folks at this OWCP blog
site: I only recently stumbled across
this magnificent site and after reading
the posts it is like my entire situation is
presented before me identically. I see
in every post items that I too have been
through and I know what you have
endured. I have been battling OWCP
for over thirty years and they have
literally destroyed me. Injured twice as
a federal employee in 1973 and 1975
I have had to push on with no help from
them, unable to obtain an attorney,
help from Congressional Representatives
has been a joke. They have not helped
or responded, denied benefits and loss
of pay and generally ignored my cases.
I could no longer function and had to
retire on FERS in 1999, a pittance of a
pension. I have an oral hearing tomorrow on two issues with another
under reconsideration. I hope I can
keep my head up long enough to explain
my case as the pain has consumed me.
I have sent in numerous physician's
reports but none of them satisfy their
requirements which change daily. They
have lost so many documents I cannot
remember the amount. I cannot stay
on very long as I must try to put some
things in order hopefully to prove my
case. I have an extra thirty days to
present evidence and I was wondering
if anyone of you fine folks could give me
an idea(s) of just what it is they would
like my doctors to say that will satisfy
their ridiculous demands. I would be
most grateful and indebted. Then perhaps I could obtain the information
to submit after the hearing. You can
bet I will be a regular at this site after
the hearing is over as I have much more
to share with you. My brothers and
sisters who are also victims of this sick
system I pray for you and wish you
the best from all my heart. Please feel
free to contact me at any time but I
do not know the best way to provide
a contact method. Please let me know
what to do. God bless. Bill

Reginaldo Cornejo

I am a TSA officer that was injured on the job last year. I have a wrist and hand injury that is only getting worse. Like a fool, I was convinced that I should return to work under a light duty assignment, but found that the light duty was not really light duty. Although my doctor's recommendation and limitations included NO Lifting, I was constantly put into the position of having to lift objects with my damaged hand and my good hand. This constant lifting, by a weak right hand and the use of my left hand, made my injury get worse. I also found I was injuring my left arm and creating carpel tunnel problems, so my doctor took me off of work. I applied for disability pay but the OWCP has made it so hard for my doctor that he has given up and is now sending me to a hand specialist. I was denied Pay and lost my house. I now have no job and no home. Thanks a lot Bush and the OWCP. You will send another 230 Billion dollars to Iraq for oil, but the hell with us Injured Federal Employees. DO NOT WORK TAKE JOBS With the Federal government. They will sell you out. The screw you if you get injured.

Anonymous due to retaliation

I work for the DOL-OWCP in Boston, which is the worst managed district office. Under the management of Jay Weisman, Regional and Alonso Rodriguez District Director. Mr. Rodriguez came to Boston after receving a 14% of Quality Case Management as a Supervisor and became the District Director after 8-9 months of arriving. He cannot and will not make a decision without the approval of Ms. Weisman. He has no knowledge of the Program and makes hasty decisions that eventually hurt the program and the claimants. He does overnight shifts that can run from 9:30am on any given day through 9:30 pm the next day(This is actually happening at least twice a month) How can a Manager run a Program efficiently without sufficient amount of sleep? Working 48 hours straight is not impressive, it ridiculous! The work is overwhelming with no relief in sight. Where is the Justice! Who will step up and help!

country cowboy

I have documents that prove that a Senior Claims Examiner in the Dallas,Tx office of the DOL authorized the DOL contractor ACS to make two payments of $2,500.00 each totaling $5,000.00 to a OWCP referral psychiatrist for what was called a impartial (referee) exam. Each payment was made for the same date of service, one was called a impartial exam for December 28, 2004 the other payment was for what owcp called a second opinion exam with the same date of service December 28, 2004 and paid to the same psychiatrist.When I received the 10 page medical report two pages were missing the two pages missing were the diagnosis. I did obtain a complete copy of this medical report thru my attorney. This fraud by DOL employees needs to be made public and corrective action taken against the DOL employees. I would also like to add that I made a complaint to the DOL OIG and the DOL OIG sent me a letter and advised that the OIG did not investigate these type of complaints. Also this Senior Claims Examiner has been promoted to Manager after I made my complaint to the DOL OIG.

Barry A. Bissell

I work for the Dept. of Homeland Security. TSA at jackson ms. airport. I was injured on the job in 2004, denied medical help , for over a year, due to the negligence of both local TSA and medical providers. Finally got an oral hearing, was immediately accepted, but denied compensation for time lost. Had to file bankrupty in 2005. Awaiting my surgery for first injury, injured my back, 05/13/06, and am being deinied compensation for both the back and orig. injury. I have requested help from every resource imaginable. I now have a permenant disability on the original injury and my agency is shoving a FERS disability retirement down my throat w/o even trying to reposition me. And still no one to hear my story!


I worked for OWCP in Boston as the Regional Rehabilitation Specialist for New England. I personally brought evidence of waste and fraud to the attention of Ms. Weisman and she did nothing to investigate or remedy the situation. In fact, I became the focus of her ire and I was given a directive to stop reporting waste, fraud and mismanagemnt to senior Dept. of Labor staff at the national office. Ultimately, I was suspended for refusing to follow directives regarding the reporting of violations of process and policy. Sadly, when I informed the OIG, the OSC and M. Oppenheimer (who conducted an outside audit) of irregularities within the program no action was taken. I also filed for Congressional Inquiries but the national Office Staff, Diane Svenonious was the respondent, accepted the revisionist replies of Weisman, et al.
Jaye Weisman is the poster child for destructive entitlement and cares not a whit about provision of service to injured workers. She is far more concerned with padding her resume and achieving Senior Executive Status (SES) within the federal service than she is in achieving program integrity. She has ruined morale, destroyed professional development and wastes the budget flying herself to Boston for no other reason than to institute a progrom against anyone willing to call her on her mismangement style.
Based upon her testimony in an arbitration against me it is my opinion that she is bereft of any semblance of personal integrity; under questioning she couldn't recall anything that was of benefit to me yet he could remember the minutiae of anything that would support her contentions. Remarkable lady......


The Office of Workers Compensation Programs has become more and more poorly managed.

The region of New York and Boston is ruled over by a Jaye Weisman, a severly incompetent micromanager who has run both districts into the ground. There is little hope that these two districts will function well for years even if she were fired today.

You always here about running the government like a business so lets have a little accountability and fire Jaye Weisman.

No single individual has done more harm to the injured federal worker than this woman. Jaye Weisman, the Regional Director of OWCP for New York/Boston is has proven herself to be the most incompetent government manager in years. Her New York district in May of 2006 had the worst accountability review of any district ever with a 14% rate for their Quality Case Management. Any one off the street could have made a 14%.

It is time for accountability and it is time for action. Fire Jaye Weisman!

workers compensation

Inhumane is not the word, workers comp victims of crime with no legal recourse....

Workers Compensation Law


Congressional Representatives are covering up the actions of many corrupted federal agencies. One example is the Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Program. I have never seen an agency that could be more inhumane to the injured and permanently disabled for nothing more than enhancing their bottom line, the Department of Labor annual cost savings report to Congress.

Thousands of claims are wrongfully denied or deliberately interfered with. Scam doctors are deliberately contracted with to perform phony second opinion medical examinations. When their examinations are proven to be phony at appeal hearings, the DOL does nothing to prosecute the doctors for defrauding the government. They just send the injured to another scam doctor and another and another if need be until the injured worker runs out of resources to fight for their compensation.

The Federal Employee Compensation Act is routinely violated by DOL-OWCP claims examiners but they not held accountable. Many injured federal workers loose everything fighting for their lawful rights. They are left financially ruined and without proper treatment of their injuries.

Injured federal workers have been contacting their Congressional representatives for years now only to be blown off by staff members assigned to keep the injured from bothering the representatives. DOL deliberately commits these shameful crimes and federal workers are unlikely to know about it until they are injured. By then, its too late.

Consequential to this cover up, many safety problems in the federal workplace are not corrected. When the Labor Department denies the claims of injured federal workers, the cause of their injuries is often covered up. So more federal employees are likely to be injured. DLA covered up safety problems in one of it's labs that had resulted in an employee being injured by toxic chemicals. The other federal employees are still being exposed to various hazardous chemicals. Many are cumulative and carcinogenic.

If federal employees are treated in this manner, how can it not result in low morale, decreased employee loyalty and a breakdown in security. Alienated workers can do serious damage to any agency. When will the Congress realize just how badly their negligence undermines national security?

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