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Jan 09, 2012



It is funny how conservatives claim to be so thrifty except when it comes to spending on defense, then their only solution to all defense issues is, "throw money at it." And they typically justify this by saying, at least defense is in the constitution. Is waste, fraud, and abuse in there too? Is it the God given right of defense contractors to waste our tax dollars but no one else? Clearly there is no defense for waste, and waste in defense spending is tantemount to treason. This is not a partisan issue. Whether you are for a strong defense or for more efficiency in the Department of Defense, this is your issue, because our current approach to weapons procurement threatens our survival as a nation.


"The authors aren't some pacifist bleeding heart liberals."

Careful, you don't want to betray POGO's veal pen mentality.

Ralph Hitchens

Good post, thanks for the link. "Conservative" thinking about national security these days is conceptually weak and thoroughly blinkered, largely in lockstep to the rapid rightward drift into irrelevance one sees in today's GOP. I would hesitate to invoke John Boyd in any circumstance outside his own well-developed frame(s) of reference, and it's impudent to see Heritage doing it. Any reasonable person should be able to see that it's pointless to pursue ever-greater inventories of big-ticket major end items at a time when the prospect of "peer competitor" military competition is receding rapidly, the US economy is in semi-paralysis, and the tax base has been shredded by a decade of GOP stupidity and pandering to the 1%.

Oh, and I endorse what you say about the A-10, which made it sad to see so many at the Davis-Monthan "boneyard" a few months ago.

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