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Dec 01, 2011



Now...ask them (U.S. Gov) how much their spending on Black Projects? Arms sales overseas? etc.

Emile Zola

Well, this "accounting procedure" is called Hollywood accounting, because it can be manipulated more than the WMDs baloney. It's would be stupid, asinine to believe or give an iota of credibility to a government that doesn't know, doesn't want to tell the truth, ergo, as with tea partiers, republicans and now democrats, if they say, state any thing and every thing, you will be better off going wiht the opposite and that will get you the truth.
For example, when the administration says that seniors are going to get a raise, that sounds good, but coming from a guy that doesn't blink in continuing the Bush's tax cuts for billionaires while giving crumbs to the 99ers, means that no matter what, or which party takes the reins of this "Christian and democratic" nation, we, the people, are uop the creek w/o a paddle. And why this epiphany now? Oh, yes, election time, but what the sutipid voters fail to realize is that that "raise" is nothing more than an election ploy, for he is taking it away with the raising of the premiums. That's brilliant, I tell you. He seems helping with one hand and taking it away with the other. Than God He didn't make humans octupusses, otherwise, we could be living under the bridge and he could still claim how kind and generous he is with the least of his brothers.

Dr Rosemary Graham-Gardner

In a true democracy there is also transparency.

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