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Dec 08, 2011


Emile Zola

Every organization, regardless, has its defensive procedures in place to protect corruption, nepotism and even war crimes. When a commander or a manager say that they have an open door policy, it is only there to weed out the "troublemakers", that in reality should be given if not a medal, they should be, at least, praised for job well done.
All those who put their careers on the line, should be compensated, not exiled. The problem with corruption is that since money talks, it has very powerful friends and all in high places, while the whistle blower loses his job, maybe his/her house, his/her marriage and I'm sure that the government, instead of doing what it should be expected, which is to correct, stamp out corruption, they amke it harder for those heroes that risk it all for a better America. But if our government doesn't respect our Constitution, they will never give in to honesty. Honesty implies the end of corruption and that will never happen. The cases are in the thousands, and just a handful if cases ever get a fair solution. In other words, the honest people are up the creek w/o a paddle and thinking that things will ever change is just a mirage. It will never happen.

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