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Sep 20, 2011


Michael Iverson

Can it be that America has such an unscrupulous government that they will take bribes from banks such as Deutsche Bank and stop an investigation that clearly indicates the perfidy and rip off of Americans to the benefit of BANKS....say it ain't so....please say it ain't so!

Wilma Ralls

Deutsche Bank has also been implicated in drug money laundering in collusion with other banks, hedge funds and investment firms. If you are interested in this subject, it is covered in the book "The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century", by Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, published in 2010 in Canada.

Emile Zola

And how, may I ask, is this newsworthy? Don't always our government refuses to investigate all crimes, including war crimes? Thanks to Bush's refusal to stop 9/11, corruption, crimes galore, including genocide are off limits, except of course, those petty crimes, compared to ours, of those "rogue nations" and oil producing countries, for whom we have no pity and if killing a million plus innocent civilians, or drone Muslims to kingdom come doesn't cut it or they don't surrender their oil, natural resources with offers they can't refuse, the next step is nukes. The problem with this "bravado" by Washington, specially when they don't have to put the corpses, is that one of these days, they are going to bite more than they can chew and the world, as we know it, will cease to exist and all because this nation left its cojones at the Twin Towers afraid, actually, the true word is terrorized of inding out what is/was behind the curtain and finding out that the whole Bush enchiladas was the only one responsible for 9/11. If this nation is afraid of what really happened pre 9/11, how is this scandal going to cahnge any thing. If you don't care about the Titanic, who in hell wants to find out why a canoe sank. Let's hope that, sooner rather than later, America will wake up from this criminal stupor and bring back the Constitution in full force.


None of these investigations go well because most if not all are rigged to fail because we would hate for the truth to come out.

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