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Jul 25, 2011



Well, this sounds ominous, until you actually see who has received money from this program. For FY2009, not a SINGLE faith-based organization received any of the approximately 9M given out that year. The recipients were state agencies, offices of homeland security, emergency management offices, state public safety offices, etc, along with a few ports and a couple universities. Given the other restrictions in the program, I doubt very few faith-based orgs would even qualify to apply to begin with.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...

ginny sheen

Is this a joke? I thought this policy left town with President Bush. I am not a person of faith, although I do believe that faith-based non-profits do a lot of good work. However, I am appalled and resentful that taxpayer dollars go to these organizations at all, let alone with preferential treatment. It is particulary galling that many of these same organizations worked/still work so diligently against things in which I DO believe (e.g. a woman's right to choose-still a right,but effectively non-existent in much of the country). It is already difficult to be a citizen and taxpayer in this country. One would think that atheism and agnosticism are right up there with communism, totalitarianism and Marxism. We pay for their opportunity to tell us we're all anti-American, as we have seen on many, many occasions. For those of us who share this sentiment, to protest is like spitting in the ocean. In fact, to protest even out loud is to invite derision and ostracism. If we are permitted to check a box to donate money to those who campaign on "GOD and Country", we ought to be able to check another box that says our tax dollars should go to those non-profits that do important work, and do not hold us in disdain. I did notice, however, that in this piece rejecting disrimination in employment, Mr. Francisco himself used the phrase "of all religious persuasions." I would amend that to say "of all citizens." I include myself among the latter, as I have no religious persuasion. I guess this is just another exclusion to endure. I was inclined to make up a submission name, but I am tired enough of all of this to pass on anonymity. By the way, I would have put my name to this as "ignore me," but I think it is safe to assume that there is no need for that, as I am, apparently, anti-American. I give up. If ever should come a time when I feel included, I assure you that I will become far more involved in matters affecting taxpayers. In the meantime, I suppose I will be obligated to support the religious beliefs of others-just more of the same from the governing and the governed that I and many others endure for the sake of citizenship.

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