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Jan 13, 2011


Richard Davis

I am just an ordinary citizen. My plea is for the government to be as watchful as possible. The small sectors of business are the victims of this obliviousness.

Giana Forzareli

I would love to see the list of people who are evading taxes so that I could make signs to put on their lawns that would exploit their economic thievery. There should be some tax debt relief to the contractors that are new to the debt, but the contractors who have been avoiding their taxes for some time should see significant finds and some jail time for extreme cases. This country needs to be united, not occupied with thieves and greedy individuals.


Fine. We all should and must pay our taxes. It's time for you to also publish the annual IRS list of its employees who have been charged and convicted of criminal violation on the job, like file snooping. I believe the Service also publishes its own annual tally of tax evaders and cheats in its ranks of over 100 thousand employees.

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