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Dec 10, 2010


Robert MacLean

Excerpt from the letter I cosigned with Frank Serpico, Glenn Walp, Spencer Pickard, Frank Terreri, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, and two dozen other prominent whistleblowers:

"S. 372 is like a good modern dam that will undoubtedly have flaws and require routine maintenance. Right now WikiLeaks is a wild river that ends up flooding and destroying farms and towns. You can never stop the river, but you can divert it and control it with a very well designed dam, even creating new energies to power communities. But the dam is not perfect and will eventually need more routine maintenance and upgrades -- after the bill passes, it already is on the table for the [(Merit Systems Protection Board)] MSPB and [(U.S. Office of Special Counsel)] OSC to get much needed restructuring and protections in the OSC-MSPB reauthorization bill, on which work will not start until S. 372 is completed. We need to get this one finished, so we can start on those two agencies.

For years there were no controls in place to prevent the abuse of information designations to hide embarrassing mismanagement and whistleblowers were retaliated against using bogus and retroactive secrecy markings. Now everyone is afraid to make good faith disclosures through government venues and a few may even choose counterproductive, reckless, and ultimately dangerous avenues such as WikiLeaks."


As Transportation Security Administration Federal Air Marshals, Spencer Pickard and I cooperated from 2004 to 2006 with the GOP-controlled House Committee on the Judiciary during a GOP administration:


ALL of the Federal Air Marshal Service's bad executives were forced to resign and their dangerous policies were revised or reversed. But now look where the two of us are today...UNEMPLOYED.

If this bill dies, no one will cooperate with oversight committees.


Robert MacLean


This is horrible. The US keeps pushing bills into law that are named in ways that fool the people into thinking they are good. This so-called "enhancement" act strips away existing protections that whistle blowers currently have!

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