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Oct 18, 2010



A friend of mine just got back from his 3rd tour in Afghanistan. He described morale as anywhere from abysmal to non-existant. The rules-of-engagement were described as a key factor since they have become, "you have to have taken 2 rounds in your body armor and at least one of them had to hurt before you could return fire."

When following the rules will get you killed, many stop following the rules out of a sense of self-preservation. Once they stop following the rules, even a highly moral person can be easily blackmailed into going along with ever more depraved conduct. We will either give our troops the kind of support they need to press this war with some chance of victory, or by imposing on them a false morality made up by those whose lives are not on the line we will see ever worsening behavior by our troops, and that behavior won't stop when they come home.

We have a right to ask our troops to fight for America, but we don't have a right to ask them to die for America. A man may be willing to die fighting, but if you ask him to be nothing more than a target that man will become your enemy.

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