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Sep 09, 2010



Apparently, Ms Ugone and her Director for Contact Audits, Mr. Jollif plan to retire by the end of the year.


The DoD IG's office has been in trouble for years. Finally someone has reviewed the IG with an eye to the value it provides to the Department rather than the fluff peer reviews performed by equally incompentent IG. Everyone knows that the IG's office does not perform audits, merely inspections. One of the issues is that reports sit on managements' desk for months and the results are outdated by the time a report is issued. Many times the reviews are cancelled due to the outdated nature of the assignment. Mr. Heddell has not done his job. He has been in place far more than a year. He was acting since about July 2008. It has been over two years and the period of time covered by the Senator's review fits squarel on Heddell, not to mention Urgone. One last thought, it was the DoD IG that missed all the deficienies that were reported by the GAO on DCAA. The only reason that the IG was not in trouble with the Senate last year is that Heddell was confirmed by this administration. Otherwise, Heddell would have felt a far greater wrath from the Senate. This is the tip of the iceberg for the IG, can't wait for POGO to dig into DCIS, now talk about an organization with waste and abuse.

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