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Apr 22, 2010


Srinidhi Boray

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your efforts. I can help explain far more irregularities in the spend data. In fact "investment" are preceded by plans for Agency transformation. In this area there is lot of manipulation and the data that is seen on UASPENDING.GOV does not show the motivation for creating those data.

Checkout following:



Government that is asking wall street to transform and work honestly it self needs to take a serious look at its book and lot of transformation is needed in the Government itself. In lack of which the Federal $76 Billion on the IT spend will be held heist by the DC bandits.

If you want I can go over all the missing details and explain.

Srinidhi Boray

Terry Williams

Thank you for stepping up to question the irregularities as you describe. The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce has found that the annual goaling reports created by the Small Business Administration to report purchasing from small businesses and socio-economic groups is very flawed. The SBA also does not publicly provide the revised data they use to create these reports. And the SBA Inspector General recently reported that the SBA is doing a very poor job of making sure the data for these reports is accurate.

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