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Sep 23, 2009



April Stephenson needs to go, she is an empty suit just like her mentor William Reed. Trash the little trainees of DCAA, yet no one in DCAA management is ever touched. DCAA is full of management that will never admit a mistake. I am sure all the layers under April want to save their make work jobs, where else could they do so well for so little effort. DCAA is a bloated top heavy bureaucracy.


DCMA and DCAA are waste, fraud, and abuse. They are the watchdogs that watch the watchdogs. What a joke. Of course, you'll never hear a recommendation from them or the GAO that our federal procurement system stop paying contractors more to screw up, because if they did that, they'd be killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Their jobs would be gone.

All these governemnt leaches goose stepping around trying to pretend they're all about saving the taxpayer money. It makes me sick. All any of you are for is perpetuating your own bureacracy. After all, bureacracies exist to exist.


Contractors 1, Stephenson 0. Contractors won today. Collins, Lieberman, and Coburn did the contractors dirty work today by degrading DCAA. Contractors better hope Stephenson is replaced, otherwise she will come at them harder than ever. It can't get any worse than today for her so what does she have to lose. First up, cap on executive compensation for all contractor employees, not just the top five executives. I heard from a program manager in Policy that Stephenson already submitted the proposed change to DoD for the annual spending bills. Let's hope it passes and let's hope Stephenson stays in place. We need her leadership to get through this tough time.

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