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Aug 06, 2009


John Gatti Jr

The past facts and lack of oversight of the shoddy scandalized constructed Massachusetts Federal and State funded project known as the Big Dig went from from $2.3 Billion to $23 billion. The history shows the most poorest monitoring by Federal Highway Administration, Massachusetts Legislative Committees and hired private profiteering overseers. Massachusetts Civil Service Highway Engineers led by lobbyist powerful Bechtel made the project the biggest dysfunctional expensive transportation project ever in the world.

The mess continues with the ethically questionable appointed Jim Aloisi as Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation. He was there all the years on the Turnpike payroll and as a private Special Interest Lawyer lobbying with which is an insult to citizens, taxpayers, and common sense to now be in this position. Failure and enabling failure breeds continue new job appointments in Massachusetts. One of the failed Big Dig privately managed project managers Parsons has been given a new Massport Authority contract worth multi million dollars for overseeing a new project at Boston Logan International Airport. Massachusetts Legislative Transportation Chairs State Senator Steven Baddour and Representative Joe Wagner were powerless to stop the appointment is a further outrage!

Over the years Scott Amey, POGO and those who helped in Massachusetts to address the inefficiency, waste, and mismanagement ofm the nproject were not listened to by both Republican and Democratic Administrations as well as members of Congress.

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