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Aug 21, 2009


Observer Jr.

Not to quibble with your general concerns about Xe, you're over-reaching with contract fraud allegations, aren't you? You bemoan the lack of information on the contracts or personal agreements in earlier paragraphs, but somehow are able to identify fraud, as if you had read an SOW or actually knew the outcome of the work, deliverables, or the form of a contract. Not that two --or tens of thousands--wrongs make a right, but what do we know about training the government does for itself, or pays for through block grants to states (say, for job creation) or NGOs or retraining workers affected by dumping? Would this be the first government-run or contractor operated program that failed? Isn't that very common, even if very wasteful? Would you have rather heard that this training was a rousing success, preparing folks for a really robust execution? In pursuing an organization like Xe for the things you suspect, the tighter the focus and with the presence of more facts, the less you'll invite people to discount your credibility.

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