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May 01, 2009


Carl Clark

A great loss,Christopher helped me with research a while back on sensitive issues,he was due to give me research materials on electronic accoustic,and directed dcp weapons being tested by Raytheon and Northropp Gruman.
I was due to take the results of his findings to,Ettlingen,European Non Lethal Weapons Symposium,in Germany on 11-13th may.
Does anyone know how he died?

Jennie Vest and Felix Bordallo

Here in Brussels we are still recovering from the shock of losing our old friend Christopher. In addition to being a great professional, he was a fine friend, and we will sorely miss him on our future trips to Washington. Our thoughts go to his family. What a tragic loss.

Anne Hawke

I'm a friend from recent years - met Christopher in 2006 and instantly struck up a friendship. One of my favorite things about Christopher is that he seemed to bring his midwestern sensibility to this world of beltway pressure, striking a more graceful balance than most people do, between his high-powered DC job as an analyst and his devotion to family, the outdoors, and overall quality of life -- not to mention his Ducati motorcycle! He once told me he hoped to leave a small footprint on the world. He meant that in the environmental sense. But Christopher likely had no idea what an important footprint he left, socially and spiritually, with all of us.

Marc Selinger

He had a big impact. One of his reports a few years ago helped lead to the creation of a Defense Department-wide effort to reduce aviation accidents and other types of mishaps.

Michael Waterhouse

Other measures of Chris' greatness, were the personal touches of friendship and concern for everyone shown each day, including the welfare of his colleagues and society in general. These were observed and appreciated by countless friends and colleagues. I personally will always remember his contact with me after my retirement where that type of communication was tremendously important in the aftermath and the void of a hectic career left behind. May his children be inspired and comforted somewhat in the great recognition which will flow on his total life, well lived!

Nikki Koch

I believe the funeral is on Wednesday @ 11 at the Falls Church Presbyterian Church on Broad Street in Falls Church City.

Nikki Koch

I am an old friend of Christopher's. He was like a brother to me. I met him 20+ years ago when I first moved to DC. He was in grad school at the time. My husband and I needed someone to walk our dog when we were out of town and Christopher was working for a dog-walking agency. We all became fast friends and remained friends for all these years. Through life's ups and downs he has always been a constant and I will miss him immensely. I can't believe this has happened. I just talked to him on Tuesday to finalize plans we had for tonight. As I understand things, he was working out at the gym yesterday and just collapsed. Some colleagues were there and called 911 right away. They rushed him to the hospital did CPR for about 45 minutes and then pronounced him dead. There will be an autopsy.

John M. Donnelly

This is a great loss to the country. He was a clear-eyed analyst who helped the public (via Congress and the press) understand defense issues more fully. And he was a fine person. I cannot believe this.

Rob Willett

This is Rob from London. I've just heard about Chris's death from relatives in the US. This is a great shock to us here. Our thoughts and sympathies go to his family.

I've known Chris for about 30 years as we are distantly related and we've shared a number of holidays together both in the UK, the US and elsewhere. I'm trying to find out whats happened and would appreciate any information at all as he has friends in the UK and Europe.

A sad, sad loss.

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