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Apr 13, 2009


Ingo Castilho

Its true, we are at war with terrorism. And its true, a sophisticated, technologicly advanced Fighter like the f22 isent the best weapon to fight the taliban or al qaida. But what people fail to realize is that Russia has been resurging and China is rising as well. Both of these nations, specialy Russia have the capability to overtake the U.S in air supremacy capabilities. Although China is more of a long term problem(they need to invest alot of time and money before catching up with the f16 let alone the f22) Russia has fighters comparable to the f16. It is imperative that F22 production remains active and even more important that the f22 is upgraded and evolves whenever the chance to do so arises.


Former AF Secretary Wynne disagrees, and argues that there are significant strategic ramifications to Gates's decision to stop production of the F-22- http://www.dodbuzz.com/2009/04/13/gates-cuts-leading-to-strategic-drawdown-wynne/

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