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Mar 10, 2009



Is it correct that the signing statement is related to Defense and/or Military Spending ans would therefore include the 60,000 thousand plus people that continur to this day to be tortured on our US Shipd and/other Ships and elswhere and including illegal and/or secret detentions and renditions and including the continued legal and/or illegal secrecy, etcetra and other equally hedios and henienous programs etcetra and including the enactment of the death penalty etcetra and without the seemingly US Constitutional mandated False Claims Act, Habeas Corpus and withour the seemingly US Constitutional 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT.


Dear Readers, 3/10/2009

Hopefully POGO will also post my previous blog comment reply from the previous POGO Article 'Mark Your Calenders' as I presume it will give substantial assistance to this seemingly highly significant and important POGO Article.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

It would presumably and/or certainly appear to be expected, correct and seemingly of logical sense and of sound Principle and Ethics that our US Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our US Government would and should not present and/or sign a Bill and/or allow into Law that appears unconstitutional and as I presume a reasonable person would concur.

As a layman response to the Presidential memorandum I very briefly read;

Where was//is and since the expressed (Abraham Linclon//False Claims Act etcetra) Constitutional public and innate

Presidential??!! and seemingly


concern and as seemingly expressed in conjuction with this Memorandum and when at the last minute the Platts//Van Hollen 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION ENHANCEMENT RESTORATION ACT' was somehow??!! removed!!!! from the recent so-called Stimilus Bill and seemingly from these exact same Presidential and Congressional Leaders!!!!

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