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Feb 06, 2009



Dear Readers, 2/6/2009

'Trasparency and Openness' What?

Let us continue to hope you are correct within this Article implications of seemingly future (proper and forthright) interpretations of seemingly intended 'transparency and openness'.

In my view there appears to be an abundance of 'Transparency and Openness' and little, insufficient and seemingly to some extent deliberate and intentional, seemingly to some extent deceptive and/or dishonest, willfull and deliberate neglect and/or incompetence and avoidance of any reasonable, proper and forthright 'OVERSIGHT AND ACCOUNTABILITY' 'SUBPOENAS' and the mandated US Constitutional Bill of Rights 'ALL CIRCUIT REVIEW' AND SEEMINGLY DECADES OF THE CONTINUED VIOLATION(S) OF THE FALSE CLAIMS ACT AND THE CONTINUED DECADES OF SUPPRESSION OF THE 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT'.!!. ETCETRA.!!.

As I assume that is well known and that I presume that you are as saddened as I am to the extent that these are mostly the exact same US Legislatures that have in the recent several decades, aside from the above paragraph mentions that instituted for the allowance and continuing allowance of and for the repeal of the Glass Stegal Act, the Gramm/Leach/Bliley Act etcetra and the Commodity Futures trading Act within the recent decades.

Also I am saddened to notice that the new CIA Chief nominee has somehow presumptively stated to not prosecute for past (and possibly future??) crimes of torture!! Absolutely appalling!! Also and most importantly a seemingly a complete lack of respect and regard to "Oversight and Accountability' and our US Justice department that has seemingly accomplished remarkable acomplishments in the recent past few weeks!! even though I continue to be saddened that the US Aplication of the Death Penalty has not been halted!! Absolutely appalling!!

Obviously there are many other concerns and acknowledgements that I would prefer to mention at this time although in my efforts to be brief that hopefully my blog comment to this Article has been of assistance and that I continue to wish all at POGO the best of good luck and good wishes.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky

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