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Feb 11, 2009



Dear Readers, 2/12/2009

Good day. I am writing for several reasons, first to mention my continued appreciation and gratitude for the kind and gracious heartfelt, exemplary, highly and most honorable superb and excellent efforts and endeavors on behalf of POGO and the NWC and GAP on behalf of all and the 'FALSE CLAIMS ACT' and the Platts//Van Hollen 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT' AND which surely is cpmpletely and a mandated critical necessary obligation within our US Constitution Bill of Rights and that would surely continue to proudfully respect and honor former President Abraham Lincoln

I am also writing in the hopes that President Obama and his so-called new administration and our US Legislatures and Judicary will not continue to display the unmistakeable appearance of the recent several weeks to continue to seemingly show that they put forth little or no 'CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN' and continue with the same ole decitful and deceptive pack of lies, hoodwinking and trickery that has been reported and observered and that this so-called new administration so far has seemingly clearly and unmistakeably shown that they seemingly have only re-arranged the deck/seat Chairs with the same seemingly maniacally deranged despotic corrupt and/or false, secret and/or mis-represented policies, procedures and/or practices ecetra and/or by these very same people.

As I have written very briefly and impromptu within my continued frustrations and exasperations and as I have noted that our US Legislatures and President O'bama apparently have today and tommorrow to re-consider and VOTE!! to not approve this Corrupt Stimilus HR1 until the US Constitutional Bill of Rights False Claims Act Abraham Lincoln 'Platts//Van Hollen 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT' is reinstated into this corrupt HR1 Stimilus Bill.

Obviously there is more I would prefer to write and to mention factual support for the/my above allegations, although in my efforts to be brief and in my and/or our hopes that either President O'bama and/or our US Legislatures will apply the correct applications at this time and as I have and again mentioned to support our US Constitution Bill of Rights, False Claims Act and to the proper and forthright respect and regard to and of the endeavors of former President Abraham Lincoln and within our Declaration and endeavors towards Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness for all.

(I will remain confident that POGO will allow me to make any necessary corrections, modifications and/or additional aplication to this blog comment reply).

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Axel V. Sabersky


Hopefully my 2nd (S1358) blog comment reply will be posted as soon as possible.

PS: Should you prefer a follow-up and as I have been consistent with that even though this so-called Stimulus Bill is CORRUPT!! the Republicans clearly and consistently and for the recent 8 years block any and all meaningfull attempts at 'OVERSIGHT AND ACCOUNTABILITY' and the US Constitutionally Bill of Rights substantial and necessary mandate of 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT' and especially in respect of the, if I remember correctly President Abraham Linclon 'FALSE CLAIMS ACT'.

S1358 !!

As POGO has allowed to have my previous blog comment reply (S1358) to be posted, please allow me to recommend and suggest that you immediately contact US Senators McCaskill (POGO's Saint Claire) Akaka, Landrieu and other US Senators to request that they will change their vote to 'NO' unless the Platt/Van Hollins 'FEDERAL EMPLOYEE WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION RESTORATION ENHANCEMENT ACT' HR985 is reinstated!!

As all may well know, any Homeland Security concerns and issues have well been reviewed and discussed in the recent decade alone and have the continued overwhelming 'proper and forthright' US Congressional and Judicial Approval!!


If it is correct and according to a recent post on the highly and well esteemed and recognized 'TPM Muckracker' website that US Senator Susan Collins (Co-Chairman with US Senator Lieberman (with a nick name on TPM Muckracker and other websites as Traitor Joe) of the US Senate Ethics Committee on Good Government and Ethics) has an accompanying statement for her fore mentioned actions as mentioned on TPM Muckracker 'Senator Collins Strips Stim Bill of Whistleblower Protections'.

Please note that NWC and GAP 11/2003 Testimony and similar bill was Testified to these exact same US Co-Chairman's Senators Lieberman and Collins on 11/2003 and to my recollection it is/was Bill #S1358, and almost identical to the current HR985 'Federal Employee Whistleblower Protection Restoration Enhancement Act'.

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