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Oct 01, 2008




It shows one as a comment reply, yet no posting of my reply comment. I am confident that this will be corrected shortly and long with this post an my gartitude and appreciation for posting my reply.

Please note that additionally that on a GAP reply I mention or re-maention that many of the spouses of our US legislatures and I presume so-called Lobbyist and other notables are on the Boards or as Executive Advisors to manyof the Financial Institutions (including, Mutual Funds etc) and Big Business and Big Industry.

Again my request to our US Legilatures that they immediately approve the veto proof HR985 Federal Employee Whistleblower Restoration and Protection Act 2008 and Government and Corporate Whistleblower restoration and protection act to restore our US inalienable rights and as within our US Constitution and Democracy mandates by proper and forthright interpretation of our Laws.

Thank you and all for your time and consideration.



Dear Readers, 10/1/2008
Dear US Legislatures.

I am saddened and concerned within the recent events although once again thankful that POGO and Mr. Gordon have provided an Article, which I will read in a few moments that has allowed me to submit a response. Also as important and I would suggest or expect to note that this/these issues are of a notable first and foremost area of highly and significant concerns.

I have recently have posted replies on three seperate recent Article on the GAP, Government Accountability Project, Whistleblower.ORG website, 8 replies, 13 Replies and some of the next 5 replies. I would highly appreciate and suggest that POGO readers and our US Legislatures immediately read these replies and upon the approval of POGO, post your comments and/or replies here. Also I will be accommodative if POGO suggests if POGO myself transfer the relevant or all those replies here at POGO so I may more readily assist and/or accomodate a response or inquiry should there be any questions or concerns.

Vote 'NO' on the bail-out. Vote Yes on HR985, Federal Employee Whistleblower Enhancement, Restoration and Protection Act 2008. I would presume that our US Legislatures who support this bail-out Legislation would receive your NO vote when they return to their home states to seek your vote.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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