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Sep 12, 2008



Leggette, L. Poe, "Aggressive Natural Resources Litigation Tactics: Citizens' Suits and Qui Tam Actions," Vol. 44, p. 3‑1 (1998)
That, above, is the piece in the Rocky Mountain Mineral Foundation law review, on how to attack suits for the USA.
Poe is an ex Dept of Interior Attorney, with a big corporat law firm. He pulls in tons of $$$ by exploting jurisdictional bars.

He too, loves jurisdictional bars, as favors for big corporations to bar suits, when the USA treasury has been ripped off. Congress should remove those jurisdictional bars at once--they are mere gimmicks to protect fraud.(so it is not rectified).
If Congress is going to open up expanded drilling, with more leases, the USA can not afford to lose another several billions, as jurisdictional bars are protective gimmicks for those who defraud the USA.
When will Congress wise up to put America first so it does not have fraud protected ? Call for a removal of those jurisdictional bars, as soon as possilbe.

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