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Sep 12, 2008



The above POGO piece is flat out wrong on several points:
1) the 10th Circuit ruled the lower court made a serious error on not finding jurisdeiction, after the jury verdict.
2) So far, the relator has not got a dime, and may have to fight further for many more years.
3) the DOJ is fighting still to be co-counsel in effect with Kerr McGee
4) The DOI Employee in DC, the so called economist was never a qui tam plaintiff.
5) Just like the MMS chicks, he took some so called "gift"
6) a statutory reward under the qui tam section for a real named relator is far different.
7) The Texas court thre out the POGO suit , ruling no jurisdiction.
8) The DOJ set up the flow of $$$$, that dripped down to the DOI DC guy, via his handed off gift
9) The relator had made no petition for a % of the proceeds, yet., Kerr McGee matter
10) The jurisdictional bars prevent qui tam actiosn, and are favors for large corporations.
11) The relator in the Ker MCgee matter was subjected to a corrupt work environment, and there was a war agaisnt audits, due to the corruption in MMS
12) The relator had real standup attorneys in the matter that went to a jury trial, and Congress put out proviiosn to make whole.
Being made whole is a far cry from some gift.
13) POGO is the one who came up with the "gift "thing, and the DOI DC economist admitted he was never a qui tam plaintiff
14) a cost to puruse a qui tam action deals with corruption in an Agency, but MMS seems to acknowledge MMS is filled with corruption, abetted by the DOJ

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