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Apr 01, 2008




If you know how contracting works, specifically debarment regulations, then you will know that IBM is a victim of its own business practices & structure here... they bid only at the corporate office level, so there is no subordinate unit that can be suspended. That doesn't make the action overbroad, the structure is determined by IBM's own business practices and choices.

Phil Bell

Your articlke is well thought out. Thanks for giving us this fresh point of view.

Scott Amey

IBM's suspension lifted:



This suspension is insane and its breadth incredibly wasteful. I'm all for suspending or debarring a specific business unit where infractions can be shown (and we only have subpoenas here). But this company does a billion dollars worth of business with the Government each year. When you bring all that to a screeching halt because of one business unit, you're essentially using an ICBM to kill a mouse--sure you get what you were going after quickly but you've just wasted a lot of money and touched a lot of lives that had nothing to do with this.

KSBR wannabe


Why can't you use allege in TWO places if you use it in one? For example:

eight instances of ALLEGED [added] misconduct (including alleged kickbacks and export and securities violations) since 1995

You seem to bend over backwards to make charges and settlements into convictions of some sort. That's phony, even possibly fraudulent and libelous because you can't back it up as "misconduct." You are an attorney, and you know the difference. Please act as if you do. It will make POGO's products more compelling. Keep up the good work.

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