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Sep 13, 2007



Can anyone list the number of jury trials, and results, when the DOJ declined to intervene in a qui tam action ?
I heard they were so very few out of the about 6,000 cases filed since 1986, that one can count them on one hand.
Also, the DOJ does not want to disclose this to Congress, since it so telling on how the jurisdictional bars are obstruction measures to deter actions going forward in court(to block any rectification of massive fraud).
The jurisdictional bars are detering many attorneys from proceeding with a qui tam action in court, underscore court, the DOJ is not a court. Also, proceeding with a qui tam action is not a profit, it is costly, doesn't the DOJ understand a cost is not a profit.This needs to be looked into by Congress, and I urge POGO do urge that. Thanks POGO for your coverage of this, a great job on your part. Thanks B. D.(of POGO)

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