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Nov 30, 2006


Damiano Navanzati

Or it could be that CC in CC Nexus stands for her childhood nickname. You're an idiot. Get a life.

Mrs Panstreppon

Gee, I didn't think my original comment posted. I'm sure I didn't post it as a giant link.

Damiano, I suspect that Frank Mongelluzzi bought property specifically to sell to Weldon. If I am right, the Weldons did not need a real estate agent. If Grimes got a commission, Mongelluzzi paid it because Weldon wanted him to.

Forget whether Grimes was Weldon's real estate agent. What were Grimes and Cynthia Young doing sending out campaign contributions as executives of Galaxy Scientific? No one in the press ever mentioned that the two of them were on Galaxy Scieintific's payroll. That would have been big news.

What I didn't say in my original post is that Grimes was appointed to a state legislative committee in 1997 for three years and that Charles P. Sexton, Weldon's friend and political mentor, had been appointed to the state real estate board the year before. Grimes obviously had polticial ties before she became a lobbyist.

The name of Grimes' first lobbying firm was CC Nexus which was registered in Delaware in October 2002. I bet the "CC" stood for Cecilia and Cynthia.

If I was investigating Weldon and Young, I'd check to see who was paying Cynthia and Robert Young's rent and tuition.

Don't you find it just the slightest bit odd that Grimes became a Washington DC lobbyist who works from home in Media PA? And that she coincidentally met Rep. Young's daughter and they hit it off so well that they became partners in the lobbying firm?

Damiano Navanzati

If Cecelia Grimes was a long time family friend and a real estate agent, why do you find it so hard to believe that she may have been his real estate agent? Get a life folks. Not everyone is a criminal.

Mrs Panstreppon

FYI - I blog at the TPM Cafe and have been posting about Curt Weldon for several weeks here and here

Some of the other questions I have about Weldon's affairs are about his relationship with Rep. C. W. Bill Young (R-FL), the most senior member of Congress. Going through property records, I learned that the Weldons bought their current home in 2000 from a wealthy businessman from Clearwater FL which is in Young's district. The sale was unusual because the businessman, Frank M. Mongleuzzi, appeared to have bought a 9-acre residential parcel of land out of the blue in 1998. Two months before he sold five acres and presumably a house to the Weldons in March 2000, Mongelluzzi registered two companies in Pennsylvania. Mongelluzzi's wife recently contributed $28k to the Republican National Committee.

You probably are familiar with the name, Cecelia Grimes. She is the real estate turned lobbyist based in Weldon's district. Weldon has claimed that Grimes coached one of his children fifiteen years ago and that Grimes was the agent who handled the purchase of his home in 2000. What the press did not report is that, according to FEC records, Cecilia Grimes made a contribution in 2004 to Rep. Robert E. Andrews' (D-NJ) campaign as an executive with Galaxy Scientific iin 2004. Galaxy Scientific is a defense contractor based in pennsylvania and Galaxy Scientific executives have been big contributors to Andrews and Curt Weldon for several years.

C. W. Bill Young's daughter-in-law, Cynthia "Cindy" Young, reportedly became Cecelia Grimes' partner in her lobbying firm in 2004. She, too, made a contribution to Rep. Andrews in 2004 as a Galaxy Scientific executive which was not reported in the press. Cynthia Young is married to Robert Young who is attending Widener University in Weldon's district. The story in the press is that Grimes met Young when Grimes handled the rental of the Youngs' house in Media PA. I think that is a lot of nonsense.

What are the odds of Cecilia Grimes coincidentally being Weldon's real estate agent, handling the Youngs' rental in Media PA two doors away from Grimes and then becoming a lobbyist and partner with Young? Slim to none. I think Grimes is linked to Weldon personally in some way and that Young was Grimes' partner from the get-go. The fact that both Grimes and Young were on Galaxy Scientific's payroll smacks of bribery.

I can't wait to read the Philadelphia Inquirer's next story about Curt Weldon.

As you can imagine, I am looking forward to the Philadelphia Inquirer's next story about Curt Weldon.

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