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Feb 06, 2006


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» Excessive secrecy? from Homeland Security or Homeland Stupidity
The Central Intelligence Agency reported to Congress that On 7 December 2002, Iraq submitted a 12,200-page weapons declaration under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441. In that declaration, Iraq still maintained that it possessed n... [Read More]

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CIA Cant Confirm or Deny Much At All - The Central Intelligence Agency continues to make a mockery of its legal obligations under the Freedom of Informat [Read More]



These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.


I thought the major concern was to conceal the details of the companies who dealt with Saddam's regime and supplied weapons etc., Did they really give a fuck about WMD ?

See the FOI release of Cambones notes when he met Rummy on 9/11 - cannot provide the refernce but a Blog Google should find it. They were going for SH. Period.

China Has Absolutely NOTHING To WORRY About, Whereas, AMERICA has EVERYTHING to WORRY ABOUT.

Nick Schwellenbach

Thanks for the links John. I posted a pic of Iraq's Declaration.

John Cieciel

here's the video's link


John Cieciel

Here's a link to "Video Footage Shown during the Remarks to the United Nations Security Council" from Global Security.org

for dial-up users:
here's the link to the googled stills from that video


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