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Nov 18, 2005



Such a ridiculous bill, and to slide it in with the "Save our port" bill made absolutely no sense. People are still going to find ways to gamble via online or through vito the local guy. So why not make it legal get rid of vito and help boost the economy here with some legitimate online gambling sites based in the us. People would rather put their money in the us books for sure, because they have no real legal recourse with the offshore books if you get stiffed.

Dan Kuchta

You wrote:
-- Cannon fought a House bill seeking to ban on-line gambling, saying it could open the door to gambling in Utah. Safavian had lobbied for numerous gambling interests, including the Interactive Gaming Council. From 2001-2003,

According to Safavian's House disclosure, he owned stock in World Gaming Corp which is a company that provides the online gambling software to the online gaming industry.
See their website for more details, particularly the online gaming partners.

Would this be considered a 'direct' conflict of interest since presumably the value of Safavian's stock would depend on the outcome of the House bill that Cannon fought?

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